The Sock Book for Sneakerheads

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18歳で初めてニューヨークに行き、ハマって毎年通って、25歳の時に出会って1週間のニューヨーカーと結婚して移住しました。「出会って1週間のニューヨーカーと結婚した話 – ニューヨーカーのバイヤーたちと商品を奪い合う日々」で買いてますが、スニーカーが昔から好きでスニーカーとストリートブランド(Kith,Supreme etc)の買い付けをして、販売していました。





Kei/ Japan

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I went to New York for the first time at the age of 18, got hooked and went there every year, and when I was 25, I met a New Yorker who I met for a week and moved to New York.I've always liked sneakers, so I used to buy sneakers and street brands (Kith, Supreme etc) and sell them.

Why do you like socks?

When I started buying, many New Yorkers had unique feet and it was very nice. After that, I became conscious of socks and became confident in fashion.

In Japan, sock coordination is not yet popular. The sneaker boom is as popular in Japan as it is in New York, but many people wear sneakers just because they're "rare". Unlike New Yorkers, many people in Japan lack individuality.

I want more people to know the goodness of sock coordination and increase the number of people who play with their feet. With that in mind, I started this project.

The aim is the web media where the world's best socks coordination is posted! I would be happy if it became a reference medium for sneakerheads to enjoy their feet more. Also, I want to increase the number of friends who like socks coordination all over the world, so please feel free to get involved!